As I was cleaning up after Christmas, I ran across this great quote to get the new year started off right.  Enjoy.

A sense of urgency is that feeling that lets you know yesterday is gone forever, tomorrow may never come. Today is in your hands. Right Now. Ask God to give you a sense of urgency. Believe he did, and then act accordingly.

Bob Brumm – Speaker, Author, Encouragement Engineer




Every Little Bit Helps

I recently pulled up to a street corner off the expressway and saw a homeless woman with a sign “Every Little Bit Helps“. How true is this? Every little bit helps.

As I sat at the red light for a moment, in my car, I  realized I just spent some money for an oil-change on my car and I have a family and a home to go to tonight. So I reached into my pocket to handed her a few dollars.

This time of year  we need to realize that “Every Little Bit Helps” for the homeless , less fortunate and the charities. Yes the economy has everyone wondering how things will turn out. But for us that have kept our jobs, be thankful and give a little bit.  Whether you give to the “Bell Ringing Red Kettle” Salvation Army people or your religious organization, or the street person. Realize the gift of giving.


Have a Great Holiday Season!

Tis the Season; Or is it?

With “Black Friday” behind us and all the hub bub about getting Holiday gifts barraging us constantly, how are we suppose to stay in the “Holiday Spirit”?

It seems every year we hear of an incident of someone getting trampled at a large store when they open the doors for the “Black Friday” sales event.  This year was no exception, when someone was trampled and killed at a Wal-Mart.  That Friday was certainly “not colorful” for that family. Why wouldn’t anyone stop to help? Is our society that concerned about getting the “best deal” that they can’t help a person to safety!

What we need to remember is what this holiday time means.

  • Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus and the celebration of new life. That is why the wise men brought gifts.
  • Chanukah has a similar meaning, winning the right live your own religious life. Again, a new style of life, free of burdens with the possibility of great things to come.

Where did all these ideas go? I think they were taken over by Marketing and PR. Push the product, make the sales, induce people to spend more than they can afford because “it’s holiday time”.  We have seen the effects of this thinking with our current state of the economy. I’m sure people love the credit card bills they get in January. Right after they get their property tax bill in November or December.

 Look at some of the “holiday” movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Scrooge”, “Elf” just to name a few. The underlying meaning in these movies is the opportunity to change a bad direction into a good direction that gives people opportunity and a “new life” of realizing what is REALLY important. Hint – it isn’t the latest gadget or gift. It is being with people you love and being a part of a new life, a life of joy and compassion for people and the importance of each other.

We aren’t alone in this world, Let’s help each other out this season. Whether it is dropping an extra dollar in the red kettle, giving some time to your favorite charity or just sitting with a loved one to listen or be with them. This holiday season we can ALL change our lives by giving each other a gift of “A NEW LIFE”.

Happy Holidays!