A New Year – A New Attitude

  As I read several of  the current headlines in the news about our economic condition , I see similar messages being repeated; ” We need to spend to support the economy”, “we need to save our money” ( a subject close to my heart), “the government needs to bail more people out”, XYZ company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today”, etc. etc.

  I want to suggest something for everyone. Don’t depend on anyone else! Get your financial house in order first!  This is a new year and we need to each be responsible for our own situation and life. Besides, Who’s life is it anyway?  Responsibility seems to be a foreign concept these days.

  If you feel your finances aren’t in the best of order, review your situation and ask yourself the reality questions like, “Do I really need to be spending money on this?”  “Does this item still hold a value or is it just collecting dust?”  SET UP A BUDGET..  Yes a budget seems to be a bad word.  Businesses use these all the time. We need to know where our money is and where it is going and how we can improve our situation. I suggest this in my book

 “Do You Have Money To Burn?”

  I recently “realligned” my personal budget because I got off track.  Guess what?  Now I have a path, a vision and I will be moving forward. Things may be a bit tight for a while, actually really tight,  and the first few weeks basically suck, catching up, but the outlook to pay off my debt is very bright. The promise of freedom from debt is great.

   I wright this personal qoute in my planner every morning:

“Belief is the catalyst that sets action in motion”

  As William Arthur Ward said, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it”.  2009 needs to be a year of getting straight and moving forward.

  Perhaps we need to remind our government to stop trying to print more money to bail out thes ecompanies and tell them to get their “financial house in order”. If a company has to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy, all corporate officers need to lose their salaries for the two years.  If you can’t be responsible for the mess you got into and want to get bailed out, know the pain from the wallet you cause others.  Be responsible for your actions!  I have to be responsible for my budgetary actions.  Just my opinion..

So lets take 2009 by the horns and direct our path forward and upward!

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New Book for the New Year

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Money To Burn

Money To Burn