A Great Idea and Great Quote

I recently read this int he book OVERACHIEVEMENT by John Elliot Ph.D.

The destination is not the point; the journey is what the greatest performers love. And they go after it with an intensity that most view as nuts, or even irresponsible.”

Are you enjoying your journey? Or are you on a treadmill  trying to get to a destination your not sure you will like?  Have you even realized what is around you? People, places, experiences. 

Our society needs to realize our journey is much more valuable than just reaching a destination. I forget this many times running from work to practice to cooking dinner to getting the kids homework done, to getting them ready for bed. My wife does this as well.  I’m tired just writing this. 

However, every now and then, I get the 2 X  4 to the head and see the real value of spending time with the kids and my wife.  As I get older, I remind myself of the value of the journey everyday, so I don’t get stressed by daily activities and tasks that may need to be done.

Let’s remember to have a positive perspective in our lives. Enjoy the journey to the destination.

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An Eye Opening Moment

    Have you had an eye opening moment lately?  This past weekend I had one that really made me think about what I do. 

    While I was at one of my son’s tournament baseball games, the local league official came by with the can for donations. Now at this moment many people find a convenient way to avoid giving a little.  Since I know that running a baseball league or hosting a tournament takes a lot of effort and money I decided to put something in for the league hosting the tournament.  What I didn’t realize was who was watching.

   I had my 6 year old son with me in the stands who had put many nickels, dimes and quarters into a small wallet before the game and told me he wanted to buy his own snack later that day.

   Well, apparently he saw me put my money into the can for a donation and he came up to me and asked, “Daddy, how much do I need for my snack later?”  I said “probably a dollar”. Well he had five quarters in his little wallet and he decided that he wanted to donate some of his money to the league. So he asked where the man with the can was, so he could put his money in just like I did.

   Now as I write this I have to hold back the tears of pride that I have for my son. For it wasn’t the amount that mattered but the act that mattered. I took him very proudly by the hand and we went and found the man with the “donation can” so he could put his money into the can as a donation to the hosting league. 

   How often are we put in a situation where we can make a choice and effect the actions of others by our own actions?  This was a great parent moment for me.  I learned the value of my actions as others see them. This event makes me more aware that my actions are seen by others and that I can have a very positive outcome for not only me but others.  

   With this story, I ask that we all think about our actions so we realize that they will impact not only our lives but other peoples lives.

 Let’s perform great actions for everyones great results.

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