As I was talking with a friend of mine the other day, he said something very interesting about taking action on something he wanted to do for a long time but wasn’t sure if he could take the action.  Well finally one day he did and the results were amazing.   As he told me what he did, it was a simple act of just stopping by someone’s house to say hello after 30 years.   He said:

I took the action before I could think about it.”

   How many times have we held ourselves back because we didn’t do the deed, we didn’t pick up the phone or take the action necessary to achieve our goal?  By taking action to achieve a goal we are denying the “what-if” syndrome that can kill any action. So many times we deny ourselves the experience we can feel by “what-ifing” the situation to death.  Why?  What are the probabilities of this “what-if” scenario actually occurring?  How likely will that actually be to happen?

   I often write a quote to myself to remind me of something:

If the goal is worth the reward, be prepared to take the steps necessary to get there

  I have been as guilty as anyone catching the “what-if” syndrome that limits me to achieve what I need to achieve. While I think I am being “practical” (mindful of the results, usefulness, advantages or disadvantages, etc., of action or procedure., what advantage does this give me to be aware of a self-interpreted conclusion that may not happen?  Why not try the action and see what happens?  We may find by taking that action that the results of success far outweigh the fear we had.  This may be just asking someone a question, talking to someone about an event that occurred or how you feel about a situation or other actions to improve a current situation or feeling.  Let’s make sure we live our lives for a better today and better tomorrow.

  Charles Du Bos had an interesting quote on this idea:

“The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become” 

   If we are not in the right place now, change direction! Every day is a new opportunity to start a new direction. Actually every moment we have the ability to start a new direction if we don’t like where we are. Why not try it?

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Reality Check of True Value

  I received this note from a friend of mine, Kirk Weisler. This really touched a nerve. Not in a bad way, but more in a “reality check” way.

At the ITSMF USA conference in Dallas last week a young man and I were talking about “stuff”, and the time we spend doing it, pursuing it and paying for it. Into our conversation I threw this quote from one my friends overseas… ”Day in and day out what we do is what we become.” He then responded with a quote that sounded like something I had heard Dr. Stephen Covey say and said as much. He said, no…not Stephen Covey…Stephen King!!

The quote from King was paraphrased …but essentially said…. “No one on their deathbed will wish they had spent more time instant messaging or on facebook.”

The original Covey quote is similar…”No one on their deathbed will wish they had spent more time at the office.”
Absolutely worthwhile is the entire article written by Stephen King called, “My Screen Addiction“,,20293300,00.html

Covey also taught… “Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.”

I know I would never want my children to respond to the question “Where’s your Dad?” with …. “He’s always on his computer.“ It may be time for me, and perhaps you to courageously do what Stephen King did and see if we need to make a choice and make a change.

   You see, the hardest sentence to swallow is the first sentence of the last paragraph. This is similar to what I heard this past weekend when my six year old said he never gets to spend any time with me. Feel the heartbreak? I was busy doing some maintenance tasks around the house. Now really, how important is this?

   I am tired of living for my house! I want to enjoy my family. Our children offer some great reality checks every day. We just have to LISTEN to THEM! I have started to hear the real messages, when we go through home depot and he holds my hand and he sings, just enjoying time with Daddy. Or when he wants to go to the grocery store and ride in my car with me. These are the true treasures of life, not the material items we posses. We do need certain items, food, shelter and Love. But the material items need to be placed in the proper perspective of our life as to what value they may bring. What we do with the people in our lives is much more important that what items we have. Through my experiences, my perspective of life has changed. I hope this short note can help your perspective to be a Positive Perspective.

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