Waiting on the World to Change

    It has been a while since I wrote my last blog.  I was in church this Sunday and the youth group did an interesting dance to a song from John Mayer, Waiting on the World to Change. As I listened to them rehearse and then perform the interpretation Sunday morning, I started to realize something.

Why Do We Need to Wait on the World to Change?

Why can’t we be the agents of change for the World? The song talks about how “our generation is going to rule the population”.  So why not start to make changes now so when you are ruling, the changes will have a great meaning.

I have been speaking to a lot of schools and parent teacher associations about “The Power of Knowledge” which has been going very well. In my presentation I speak about having a goal and TAKING ACTION to achieve your goal.  This song seemed to tell an opposite message.

Why should we wait for change to happen to us? Why not bring about change that will benefit us instead of accepting what is handed to us. This is our world and our life, We need to take charge and achieve the goals we see will benefit the world, our country and our lives as well as the lives to come.




More than anything else, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

And that GOD is there to help us all achieve our beliefs and goals.

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