3 Questions

   I am reading another one of john Maxwell’s great books; “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” This is a great book that helps you to see the value of communication and of thinking of the other person or your audiences needs.

   In the book, Maxwell writes about really getting to know someone. He said there are three questions he asks to really get to know someone:

  1. What do You Dream About?
  2. What do You Sing About?
  3. What do You Cry About?

  Pretty interesting questions. If you look at the ideas behind this, it looks at several facets of emotions that make everyone valuable.  Sense of Humor, Joy and sadness.   think about your answers to these questions. Not to mention it looks at not you but the other person to whom the question is asked.

   As I thought about mine, it was intersting,  I dream about not having to woryy about anything. Especially financial issues. I sing about things that put a spring in my step and offer enjoyment to my life. Singing takes me back to my younger days when there were less cares in my world.  When going out with friends was the key elimant of my enjoyment. What I cry about, is the loss of loved ones. Realizing that you need to cherish the moments we have becasue we never know when our last day may be or theirs. 

   What are your answers to these questions?  Feel free to psot them. Let’s enjoy every momnet we have and encourage others to enjoy their moments to make this world a greater place.

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Do You Have Jelly beans on your face?

In a morning conversation with my 7 year old, he asked me a question. He said, “Daddy, how come when you smile your cheeks come out and the sides of your mouth get crinkly? It looks like a Jelly Bean.”

You know, kids get us to think about some different things in a new way. Sometimes they just get us thinking and that is a good thing.

How often have you smiled to notice this effect on you face?  Try it you may like the effects of smiling. Not to mention the effects smiling will have on others. 

If anyone asks what you’re smiling about? Tell them you are testing the Jelly Beans on your face.  I encourage you to put the Jelly beans on your face and smile today and everyday.  It really does make you and others feel good.

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  This is a great read from Brian Johnson’s “PhilosophersNotes” www.philosophersnotes.com . I get this on a daily basis, which really helps to give me a slight “kick in the pants” to get going on my life.

  I believe the idea stated in this note holds true for anything. We must focus on the Positives of What Can Be to make those a reality. Focusing on the bad stuff just sucks.  Let’s take his suggestion and try this for 30 days. A habit will form in 21 days. The key is to have the discipline to do the task every day.  I will publicly commit to stepping out of my comfort zone to achieve more in my life. Will You? Comfort is good on a couch, but nowhere else.


“All I’m saying is that to liberate the potential of your mind, body and soul, you must first expand your imagination. You see, things are always created twice: first in the workshop of the mind and then, and only then, in reality. I call this process ‘blueprinting’ because anything you create in your outer world began as a simple blueprint in your inner world.”

~ Robin Sharma from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Blueprinting. Love that. Reminds me of Stephen Covey’s Habit #2: Begin with the End in Mind. As Sharma says, EVERYTHING is created twice: FIRST in your mind, then in your reality.

Think about it: that place you live in? Check. The computer you downloaded this on? The glass you drink your water from and the toilet you pee in? Check. Check. 🙂

The challenge is that too often we spend all of our energy thinking about things we DON’T want to manifest and then all the spare time thinking about and blueprinting our vacation so we can escape the stress!

Imagine gaining control of your mind, developing your imagination and ability to envision your ideal life and blueprinting THAT into your consciousness then into your journal and then into your life.

And then DO IT! (For at least a month, please. 😉

   I have started forming habits of  reading the bible before I go to bed at night and as soon as I wake up in the morning for a time. This really enlightens my day at the beginning and let’s me be thankful for the opportunities I had today at the end of my day.

What will you add to your life to increase your knowledge and value to yourself, family and society?

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