Anthony Robbins on NBC

  If you care at all about making a change in your life or seeing how people can change their direction in the site of immense obstacles, you should have watched the Tony Robbins show on NBC Tuesday July 27th.  It was awesome.

  Tony Robbins has been an inspirational speaker for over 20 years and has changed the lives of millions of people, including diplomats and political figures.  I have had the privilege of seeing Tony speak and been a part of the experience he provides his audience and it is great. In his new series, Tony will show how he can change people’s lives with the concepts he believes and practices and deliver that to your home on TV.

  One quote that I heard him say that distinctly sticks in my mind is “If you think you can’t, you Must”. I have heard Tony discuss this previously and it is a great concept.  So that is why I am writing about it.

  This goes past the Henry Ford quote of “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t your right”. It emphasizes action with the word “MUST”. 

  As a society we seem to put up with a lot that gives us no value in life. Complaining, gossip and not taking any action to change the items we are complaining about.  Now I am not immune to these diseases at all. I am human and pray every day that the good Lord will guide me away from these things to help build a better world.  Anthony Robbins is bringing this concept into our home with his new show. He took action and wants to change many lives with his concepts.

  How can we change from “thinking we can’t” to “Must”? What can you change in your life to make a change? Has the nail been poking you in the side long enough to change your current actions or non-actions to achieve your goals? Believe in the new you and how you will feel when you achieve what you want.  To get to that state however, takes  ACTION.  Not complaining, gossiping or dwelling on the bad news. Action changes things and will change your life.

How Can I Help You Take ACTION?

Doing Awesome

  Recently, as I was running between floors at my workplace, I asked our security guard at the front desk how he was doing. He said he was “Doing Awesome” .  What a great idea, Do Awesome.

  If you noticed this is an Action statement. He chose not to be “O.K.” or “Good”, but Awesome. As a security guard, there isn’t a lot of action behind a desk, but his decision was that he was “Doing Awesome”.  He mad a conscious decision to be active in how he was doing and direct his attitude toward a positive outcome. He wasn’t letting activities of the day direct him. He was directing his attitude.

   We all need to take a moment and realize that no matter what we are doing or where we are at in our life, it is our choice of what we do, and how we feel. Whether that is doing activities to get things done, or achieve goals or not anything at all. Our attitudes guide our choices, which stear our actions. What are you choosing now? Are you choosing an attitude of Awesomeness  or an attitude of defeat?  Your choice will guide your action, which will guide where you will go and what you will accomplish.

   Why don’t we all choose to “Do Awesome” and achieve more than the standard, whatever low parameter that may be.  Make a difference in your day, week, life and a difference in the lives of others by choosing to be or do “Awesomeness”.

How Can I Help you to be Awesome?