Appreciation – Stop, Think & Listen

I recently read an enlightening blog by my friend Franklin Cruz. He told about a recent event in his life that made him stop, think and listen.

Our society goes at such a fast pace that our heads usually spin causing stress, anxiety and many other mental anguish type effects. But do we have to give into that?  As I recently spoke to students at The University of North Florida, I told them to look at themselves a CEO’s of their own business, Me Inc. This was taken from an article Tom Peters wrote “The Brand Called You”. 

We all can look at our lives in this manner. We direct what we want out of our life. Besides, whose life is it anyway?  We set our priorities for family, growth, worship, exercise etc. Why do we let everything, everyone else set our priorities? Have you ever noticed how quickly your calendar can get filled up by others at work if you don’t block off time for yourself?  I am just as guilty as anyone.

 However, this morning as I left the house at 5:20 AM, I looked in at my 8 year old sleeping. I really realized how privileged I am to have a roof over my head and a family to come home to. Sometimes we do get frustrated, aggravated and short tempered. But overall, we need to be Thankful of our lives. We are on the green side of the grass.

Franklin’s blog also reminded me of something else. Similar to him, I lost my mother at an early age in my life, I was 6 years old.  There were many times I didn’t get to say:

I miss you MOM, I want you MOM, I need a Hug MOM, I need to talk to you MOM, I need a kiss MOM, I LOVE YOU MOM.

My children have that blessing and I get to tell them that I love them everyday I have with them. Let’s appreciate what we have. Pray for the guidance we need to set our own priorities.

Proverbs 6:22
When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you.

If this is talking to you at all .. Or you know someone that needs encouragement pass via Facebook,Twitter or email it to them. RIGHT NOW!

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