Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow I wanted to remind everyone to be Thankful.

I recently had a visit from a friend that really reminded me to be Thankful. Her attitude was great, her outlook for the future was great, and she felt great and is really keeping a positive attitude about her future. This despite, the hardships she has gone through this year and the previous three years.

We all know how hard the current times are, the economy is not in a good state, our funds are limited and we may be dealing with family or health issues.  However, we all need to realize that we are given the opportunity to be on the green side of the grass everyday. To quote Psalms 118:24

“ThiS is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it”.

Try saying this everyday when you hear that alarm go off so early in the morning, or when the children cry for something in the wee hours of the morning.  You have the ability to possibly hear that cry and the ability to comfort that child. YOU HAVE ABILITY.

We can be so thankful for being alive no matter what trials and tribulations we have to go through. I try to thank God for every situation I have to go through, good or bad, because I know these situations are building my ability to be a better person.

The other day I read an e-mail about the ideas and concepts from the movie “Pay it Forward” and I thought what can I do?  I didn’t have the money for a random act of kindness, but I did have the blessings from God. So on my drive home, in all crazy traffic, I started blessing everyone I saw on the road.  It didn’t cost anything and really made me feel good. I started to be really Thankful that I was alive and able to drive, see, and get home safely.  What are you Thankful for?  That attitude can help others and our world to realize the true meaning of THANKSGIVING.

Let’s all build our ability to be Thankful and build a better community, society, city, state, world.

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A Senior Trip

As I thought about Veterans Day this year, being thankful we have people dedicated to maintaining our freedom, I thought about my dad. My dad is now 88 years young and he is part of “the greatest generation that ever lived”. He is a World War II veteran. He helped to defend our world from the tyranny of Hitler and Stalin.

You see he graduated in 1940. And for a senior trip, he was given an all-expense paid trip to Europe in 1942. He received a bronze star, two purple hearts and several other medals. He, as well as many others that defended our country in that war, they learned how to serve with a purpose that is bigger than themselves. They learned how to do what needed to be done because there may not be a tomorrow to do something then. They gave of themselves to defend those at home for the freedoms and possibilities we have.  Several generations since that time have also continued to give of themselves for our freedom. My brother had also served and got an all-expense trip to Korea to serve our country. Many military personnel have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

To those that served, Thank You for you service, thank you for your time, and thank you for the determination you bring back from whatever situations you have been involved in that make you and this country a better place.       Thanks Dad, Thanks Jim.

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Is Thanksgiving the Lost Holiday?

While at a local store the other day, I noticed the store associates setting up some shelves and several boxes. These boxes included Christmas holiday items. The date was October 18th!

Today there seems to be such a marketing “Shove” from retailers to get “big holiday products” out so people will buy more “stuff”. From 4th of July we go to “Back to School” which leads right into Halloween and then to Christmas. According to Neilson, 2009 brought out $1.9 Billion in candy sales. The National Retail Federation reported $439 Billion in sales for the 2009 Christmas season.  What seemed interesting was that when you try to look up sales information for Thanksgiving on Google, the reports focus on the “Black Friday” sales. However, some reports show sales of Turkey and food trimmings. The point is not the sales figures, rather the lack of concern of being a thankful society.

What happen to the value of Thanksgiving? According to Wikipedia, Thanksgiving has been celebrated officially in the United States since 1863 to give thanks to God. Franklin D. Roosevelt made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1941.  Has our economy overlooked the value of giving thanks for what we have? Giving thanks may not sell a lot of candy or gifts, but it does allow people to slow down and reflect on things that you can be thankful for, like being on the green side of the grass. Being thankful is a universal trait that everyone can take part in.

As a society, perhaps we need to be more thankful so we can appreciate the value of people in general. Even before Thanksgiving is a day we should all be appreciative of – Veterans Day.

 As a way of saying “Thank You, I am offering 40% discounts to Florida organizations & 20% discount to others  for events booked before Thanksgiving, November 25th, 2010.

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Facing the Giants

  Tonight I got the extreme privilege to see half of  what appears to be an AWESOME movie – FACING THE GIANTS.  the movie is about a losing coach with an underdog football team faces their giants of fear and failure on and off the field to surprising results. Directed by Alex Kendrick and written by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick, this movie offers some great belief in God’s power and how belief and faith can change lives.

  Now I get all this just from the first half of the movie. What I realized by seeing this movie is that God has a direction for everyone. Sometimes we can’t imagine how great our potential can be because we don’t have faith. This is shown in the movie when the coach tells the captain of the team, that he has limited beliefs about winning an upcoming game and that he has more potential than he is showing so he shows the team through an odd exercise.  He has the captain carry another player on his back while he crawls across the field. The initial idea of the player is to go 30 yard, the coach says he can go 50 yards and proceeds to blind fold the player doing the exercise. What is great is that the coach is beside him the whole way encouraging him, screaming at him how he can achieve this task.  Who is your coach that may be by your side encouraging you? God or a loved one? As the rest of the team laughs at first, they slowly change to amazement as the player keeps going.

  When the player is exhausted with pain the coach keeps encouraging him and supporting him telling him only twenty more steps, ten more steps and finally the player drops. Assuming that he has made it to the 50 yard line, the coach shows him he is in the end zone.  The coach explains that he just carried a 140 pound man not 50 yards but rather  100 yards and that is the possibility he is capable of. Only to be corrected that the player he carried was 160 pounds.

   What is our potential if we strengthen our beliefs and have stronger faith in anything we do?  I know just seeing that scene made me question how I have limited my potential.  But that is the past, and I will change this. Rent the movie and see how it can change your life and what you do and what you believe in.

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