A Great Day

  I  just wanted to tell you all about what a great day I had. I had the great fortune of hearing a great speaker and friend, Kirk Weisler (www.kirkweisler.com) speak at the Tampa HDI meeting today.  What an inspiration for any group with his great stories and applications in life and culture change.  

  I also got to see 12 great people who were nominated for  the HDI Analyst of the year, and the great Xiomara, a co-worker of mine won..  Congratulations Xiomara! 

   This was very inspirational to see the qualified candidates and the great things their managers said about them.  Realizing the extra these people put forward to achieve great customer service and performance for their service desks.  It only takes a little commitment to go a long way.

 As Kirk talked about in his presentation, many times people get stuck in their bad, unreasonable habits. Many times people get stuck eating peanut butter and bread when they could take part in life’s buffet of delicasies just by giving that little bit extra ro asking a question.  Try it! You might like the results. Imagine if everyone tried just a little harder to be nice, smile or show good manners to a co-worker, fellow citizen or family member? What could the results be?

The results could be a Great Day. When we experience these things, our day is great for giving and great for receiving.  Pretty cool.

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