The title says it all – SLOW DOWN!

This coming from a guy that hardly understands this concept. Or at least I didn’t for too long.

I distinctly remember my 6th grade teacher , Mrs. Sharon Ross from Beverly Elementary in Beverly Hills, Michigan telling me that I really needed to slow down.  As I get older, I hear these words more often.  Especially when I say them to myself, but don’t really listen.

However, this Sunday, our Pastor at church, Dr. Charley Reeb, did it again and allowed me to hear the message he preached from Luke 2:8-20.  It talks about how the shepherds were to one’s to really hear the message of Christmas. He also added his own flair to this idea of really slowing down and quieting ourselves to hear the goodness all around us. Our society is on a fast pace to un-appreciation of anything in life and if we slow down we can see God’s work everywhere.

With three boys I rarely get a chance to slow down before 10 PM. However, tonight I got that chance when my 8-year-old wanted to do his nightly ready with his older brother. I got a chance to stop and “hear” and see the two of them read and search an “I-spy” book.  It isn’t the book that was the big deal, it was seeing the two of them working together and getting along that was so great. I was given the chance to see the goodness God has given my wife and I with these two boys.  They were helping each other find things, getting along and working together for a common goal.

When is the last time you worked together with others to achieve a common goal and  took the time to appreciate each other and the values each of us have to achieve something?  Our society needs to slow down the pace just a bit to appreciate the goodness we have and allow ourselves to experience good things in life.  Each of us has a great value to contribute to our society in many different ways. Some have value of knowledge, some of speed and others have a great value by bringing patience and smiles. Let’s all show our value everyday.

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