We are not our feelings. We are not our moods. We are not even our thoughts. We are a product of our commitments.

Dr. Stephen R. Covey

   This is a very interesting quote. Many times we say we are committed to something or someone. But are we really? As the quote says, we are not feelings, moods or thoughts.

  When we are committed to something I believe Action is involved. If we are committed to completing a task on time and under budget, we need to take action to make sure the events to complete that project get done. Calling people, getting supplies, confirmed appointments etc. Commitment is not just an idea or phrase we say to ourselves and others. Commitment involves action.

  If we are committed to our spouse and family that means we need to take action with and for our family or spouse. Sometimes this means being the disciplinarian and hearing the whining, crying and arguing. Sometimes this means shutting your mouth and just listening. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.

  I believe being committed to something or someone involves being unselfish and giving to others for a greater good. Try reading Mathew 7:12, the Golden Rule and see how your life can change with some commitment and action to a greater good.

 How Can I Help You?


  How often do you say “I CAN”? I read a great book recently by Mamie McCullough:

                                              “I Can. You Can To!”

  One of the concepts in this book was from something Mamie experienced as a teacher and it really hit home with me. She was hearing “I can’t” when she would assign an assignment to her students and got tired of hearing that. So she told all the students to bring in a can the next day. She went home and cut out a bunch of eyes from magazines and newspapers.  The next day she asked her students to identify what “I can’t” looked like. They could identify what “I can’t” looked like. So Mamie McCullough gave the students the eyes she cut out and had them paste them on the cans they brought in. Now they could see what “I Can” looks like.

  How often do you and I say “I can’t” before we really try. A bumble bee is not supposed to fly because the size of their wings is smaller than what would be able to carry their body mass. However, they do fly.  How have we been limiting our lives and opportunities because we have said we couldn’t before we knew whether we could or not?  Why not try? Why not say I Can?

  Anthony Robbins has an interesting verse on this concept as well. If you watched is NBC series he said it to the participants  a lot. He said,  “If you think you can’t, then you must“. I believe this concept originated from Eleanor Roosevelt. This turns the idea of “trying” into an un-relenting action with the word “Must”.  Must does not give you a way out.  One direction, forward.

  Let’s kick 2011 off with encouraging words like “I Can”. I believe we will see much more opportunity in our life as we integrate this idea into our lives. Let me know how it works for you.

How Can I Help You?


     Welcome to 2011.  I don’t mean “Extra Extra” like they used to say to sell newspapers. I mean extra as in Extraordinary.  That piece that mean a little more than average, better and common.

    Perhaps you started this venture of a new year with some “resolutions”. What are they? What have you started to do to accomplish them? Have you taken action on them? We often start out every New Year with goals, resolutions or ideas and then fizzle out by March. The New Year brings opportunity, yet we make decisions to not act and achieve those goals. 

    To achieve our New Year’s “resolutions” we need to do that little Extra to achieve our goals. We must get off the couch and onto that treadmill before it becomes a close hanger or dust collector to shed those pounds we want off. We must make the extra calls when we don’t feel like it to achieve those sales goals or call on the customers that have complained to find out how we can improve. Most of all, we probably need to swallow some pride and realize we aren’t perfect and have plenty of room for improvement. I know I do. That is why I am writing this post at 6:12 AM. I am making the extra effort to get a positive, encouraging word out to people so they can have a great productive day.

     If your goal is to lose 20 pounds this year or earn $20,000 extra, break the goal down into achievable pieces. 20 pounds divided into 350 days, notice I gave some slack time, is .91 ounces a day, Less than 1 Ounce a day. I think I could stop eating something to lose one ounce a day. If your goal is to earn $20,000 extra this year, that would be earning an extra $57.14 a day or $400 a week over 50 weeks. After all, all work and no play make’s jack a dull boy. But don’t let yourself get comfortable. Comfortable is good for shorty times, but after a while you get sluggish and non-productive.  If your couch is really comfortable, put a hard board under your couch cushions to get you off the couch after 20 minutes.

    So many things are easy to do and easy not to do. We need to make the easy effort to keep up with the positive easy things and do them consistently.  Take the time to exercise for 30 minutes a day and not watch T.V. or gossip. Stay productive and active. Take Action towards your goal today and keep giving that Extra to get the results you want.

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