How often do you say “I CAN”? I read a great book recently by Mamie McCullough:

                                              “I Can. You Can To!”

  One of the concepts in this book was from something Mamie experienced as a teacher and it really hit home with me. She was hearing “I can’t” when she would assign an assignment to her students and got tired of hearing that. So she told all the students to bring in a can the next day. She went home and cut out a bunch of eyes from magazines and newspapers.  The next day she asked her students to identify what “I can’t” looked like. They could identify what “I can’t” looked like. So Mamie McCullough gave the students the eyes she cut out and had them paste them on the cans they brought in. Now they could see what “I Can” looks like.

  How often do you and I say “I can’t” before we really try. A bumble bee is not supposed to fly because the size of their wings is smaller than what would be able to carry their body mass. However, they do fly.  How have we been limiting our lives and opportunities because we have said we couldn’t before we knew whether we could or not?  Why not try? Why not say I Can?

  Anthony Robbins has an interesting verse on this concept as well. If you watched is NBC series he said it to the participants  a lot. He said,  “If you think you can’t, then you must“. I believe this concept originated from Eleanor Roosevelt. This turns the idea of “trying” into an un-relenting action with the word “Must”.  Must does not give you a way out.  One direction, forward.

  Let’s kick 2011 off with encouraging words like “I Can”. I believe we will see much more opportunity in our life as we integrate this idea into our lives. Let me know how it works for you.

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