This is another great article from Mark Merrill of Family Minute that I felt needs to be shared.

It’s the gift of L.O.V.E.

L stands for listen… pay full attention when your partner talks.  Stop what you’re doing and don’t interrupt. 

O is for observe… make getting to know their likes and dislikes a priority. 

V is for value… value them for who they are…what makes them unique. 

E is for encourage…build them up with your words and actions. 

Four little letters that spell out lessons in love.  It’s the best Valentine gift you can give today and every day. 

I re-read this message four times to let it sink into my thick head. So many times we take for granted our loved ones by not listening, valuing or encouraging because we think other things take priority. Does that e-mail have to be done right now? Do you really have to get out the door this second?  We really do need to realize the value we have at home and slow down to see it.

I know I do. Sometimes that means slowing down enough to let the youngsters tell you about their adventures today or listen to how your spouse’s day has been.  Sometimes it means you need to stop before going into the house and decompress for a minute after the commute home. Hang up the phone, turn off the radio and just pray or listen to the quiet and calm down.

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