Back in the 8th Grade

                                 How many of you would love to have a chance to go back to the 8th grade?

    I got that chance today by shadowing my son through his school schedule. I must say it is a bit different now than it  was when I was in the 8th grade. 

  • The lunches seem to be the same unidentifiable substances but edible.
  • The class subjects did seem more interesting as an adult than I remember.
  • I found that my Algebra & History skills still are in good shape.

  What I found interesting was the timidity of the students at this age. In some classes, students seemed very reluctant to give an answer or speak up when giving an answer.  I could hardly hear what they were saying and I was not at the front of the class room. As a 13-year-old, I guess I may have done the same, I don’t recall.  I also watched the students and realized how lucky these kids are at this point in their life. Not really having any BIG worries in  their life. No Mortgage, No bills, their biggest worry may be getting an assignment done, whether someone may like you or not or when class would be over.  Perhaps we can affirm confidence in our future youth to be confident in answering, whether right or wrong, we are learning and we can be confident in that. 

  I also got the chance to see how our teachers are preparing the future leaders of our society. Guess what, they seem to be doing a pretty good job, at least at my son’s school. They aren’t coddling them, yet they prepare them to step up to challenges. Students are being taught tp step up to situations where they may need to rely on the skills they have accumulated and be sure of their skills to give a good answer, take a test with confidence or just participate with confidence in class. 

  A teacher’s ability to relate to the students while giving them knowledge and skills to build that knowledge is a GREAT responsibility. A responsibility to the students, the parents and our future. Teachers certainly do not or should not replace parental involvement or direction, but when your children hear something from another source besides Mom or Dad, things can take on a new meaning. Even though those things are exactly what you may have been telling them for years.

  I have written the following statement and said it many times to my children but seeing it told to students in a class really made me feel good as well.

“95% of successful people READ at least 45 minutes a day. reading gives you the opportunity to go to a better college, get a better job, have a better quality of life”.

   When I heard this statement, I thought I hope these students hear this more than once in this class or in their school career. If the kids or the parents would stack up the books they have read, would it be larger than their “Big Screen” TV? As Jim Rohn would say:

                     “Successful people have large libraries, un-successful people have large TV’s”.

Let’s keep supporting our students and teachers by encouraging our future leaders to learn and grow and build skills necessary for our future of this world. These skills will come in handy.

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