Complaining – Loving What IS

I recently read this passage from Brian Johnson’s Philosophers Notes.

It reminds me that complaining does absolutely no good. Does it make you feel any better? Does it change the situation? Check this out.

Loving What Is

     Byron Katie tells us that whenever she argues with reality she loses. But only every time. 

      Love that.

     Arguing with reality is a really silly idea. What’s happened has happened and no amount of complaining on our part is going to change it. 

     So, while we may want to create a brighter future, the first step is (always) acceptance.

     For the record, this acceptance is not some “My life sucks and I accept my craptastic fate” kinda thing. It’s more like an “Although this situation kinda blows, overall my life rocks and I’m going to accept what’s happening and alchemize it into wisdom fuel as I continue to create my ideal life” kinda thing.

 So as a reminder to myself and others, let’s not complain about our current situation but make efforts to change the situation. This may not occur over night, but over some time. After all, Einstein had a definition of insanity –“Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”.

Isn’t that what we do when we complain? There is no action or catalyst to change. Be the catalyst of change in your life by TAKING ACTION by Not Complaining. See how that works.

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