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As I sit on the cold hard floor feeling my legs go to sleep with another delay at an airport, I get the chance to observer people again. A thunderstorm came through Atlanta which delayed my flight home.

 Since I was delayed, I got something to eat and due to the thunderstorm, the electronic registers at the restaurants went down and they had to just give me a total on a receipt paper for my expenses.  At least I got a receipt and the service was pretty good considering the crowd increased with the storm.

After I ate I found out my gate had changed two times from when I initially checked in. I finally got a seat near my gate to charge my cell phone and read a bit. I am reading “Set Yourself on Fire”. What a great book that explains how we can give to others to gain in our own lives by working with people and not by ourselves.  

This got me thinking, especially at an airport. As I watched and listened to the people around the airport, so many people are looking out for themselves that they become rude, un-observant to people and not aware that others seem to be around. If we can take the time to remember that people can help each other it makes life in any situation a lot more enjoyable. With delays at an airport we are all in the same boat. Why not enjoy our time together or enjoy other peoples company. Perhaps you can strike up a conversation about an enjoyable topic or fun time you had where you were.  I thanked military personnel for their service, smiled as a baby cued near me laughing at her mother and laughed at some teenagers dancing to their i-pod music.  Why not enjoy the time we have no matter what is occurring?

Living life is the ability to enjoy every moment we have. Not just getting tasks done or phone calls made etc. We don’t know how many moments we have left so why not enjoy every one.  If we smile at others we may brighten someone else’s day and they may return the favor and smile back so that will brighten your day.  Try it you may like it and in the process you may meet some very nice people.

How Can I Help You?

There is Hope all around us

Today I had the fortune of being delay at the airport while waiting for a flight.  Huh?  Yes I said fortune of being delayed at the airport.  I am not crazy or writing this from the bar.

I am writing this from the gate area. While hearing some small children cry, some people laugh and some others complain I have seen some great things. I got to experience hoep and Happiness in spite of delays.

I saw a stranger help another passenger who spoke very little English, Vietnamese to be exact, to try and get her connecting flight information straightened out so she wouldn’t be stranded. I got to see two small siblings play with each other making squishy faces.  I had someone show me how to increase the font on my kindle so I could read it a bit better.  I saw flight personnel help passengers to make sure they could get where they needed to go easily. It really felt good to see and experience all these things.  I even managed to smile and luagh while I am writing this.

In todays society these types of incidents seem far and few. Or are they?  re we too busy to realy stop and see these things occurring? Is it becuase our world didn’t “end on May 21st” perhpas people really appreciate each other a bit more?

I believe we all have an opportunity to see and participate in our world to make it a great place no matter what happens.  Whether our flight gets delayed, people aren’t happy or kids are being restless, why not enjoy the fact hat we get to see, hear or experience others in our world.  How can you enjoy what is around you?

How Can I Help You?

Who Are We?

   Have you ever watched a movie that encouraged or motivated you to  at your life in a different way? Perhaps guide you to take positive action towards a goal you “once had” or change your direction. 

   I know there are thousands of movies out there that do this. I recently saw  The Banger Sisters with Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon. This is a comedy from 2002 that is a story about two best friends that re-unite after 20 years. When they were younger they enjoyed life as “free-spirited groupies”.  However as life takes us on our paths, one followed the path on “Suburbia” while the other kept living “more free” if you will.

   Now I have seen this movie before, but for some reason this time a message popped out at me. The message was near the end of the movie. You see, Susan Sarandon’s character was living the “Suburban life” with the house, husband, kids, dog, beige wardrobe etc. and she gave up who she really was. The tragedy was her family didn’t know or seem to care who she really was. She gave up herself for this life. I think this occurs with us as parents. We give up ourselves because we need to do all the “stuff” for the kids, house, family etc.

   How many of us have given up who we are or what we really want, for what is believed to be the “right path”?  Have we given up who we truly are for something else? Whether that is not going to church anymore or going after financial goals instead of having good relationships, not doing things that are aligned with your true self.  Realizing that there is more to life than the task list we need to get done. Perhaps we need to stop and smell the roses for once, twice, three times a day, week, month etc.

   Who are we? Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself that?  The interesting part of the movie is that the kids in the movie realized that in life, we need to follow who we really are and the one daughter spoke at a graduation speech about this concept.

   With graduations occurring, I thought about my graduation from high school and college. What was said at your graduation from high school or college? Do you remember? Remember how excited you were to take on the next stage of life.  But have we fulfilled who we are?  Or just become part of the “mainstream”.

   I believe I have some work to do on this concept. I was the person that “encouraged others” to do some fun things, like white water rafting, sky diving, adventures, having parties where people could enjoy each others company. That is why I am focusing on building more speaking opportunities that encourage others. I feel that is a strong aspect of who I am. I can bring encouragement to others and help them to see an alternative to the hum drum scenario’s we may get into with life.  Ask yourself, Who Am I?  You may find some big reminders and enlightening things about yourself that you forgot where there.  

     If I can help you or a group,business,organization you are part of, please let me know.

How Can I Help You?

Whose Life is it Anyway?

  I received another great note from Brian Johnson, author of Philosopher’s Notes (PhilosophersNotes – The Big Ideas) that I wanted to share with you. These notes are great short, to-the-point type ideas to guide us through life to our greater potential.

110-Year-Old You

     Tal Ben-Shahar, one of the world’s leading Positive Psychologists and teacher of one of the most popular classes in Harvard University’s history, tells us that we already have all the wisdom we need.

     He points to individuals who have near-death experiences or life threatening illnesses who suddenly (and permanently) change their lives—creating meaning and happiness that hadn’t been there before that moment.

     Essentially, they always *knew* what to do, but they weren’t actually doing it till life gave them a kick in the butt.
     He has this BRILLIANT exercise to help us tap into the wisdom that’s already percolating in our consciousness. It goes something like this: You’re 110-years-old. NASA (or Richard Branson’s Virgin Time Travel 😉 just invented a time machine. It can take you back to THIS moment so your 110-year-old self has 30 minutes to chat with your current you.

     What do you tell yourself ?!? What are the most important truths/lessons/Big Ideas you’d want to share in that 30 minutes?

      What if you only had 5 minutes? What would you share? What if you only had 60 seconds? What’s THE most important message you’d want to share?!

     Let’s write that down. If my 110-year-old version of myself appeared in front of the current version of me *right now* this is what I’d tell myself: 




     … Now’s a (really) good time to start paying attention to that

How does this make you feel?  Does it make you sad or determined? We don’t need to dwell on what hasn’t happened yet. Instead, we can be encouraged, even “shoved” forward to achieve your greatness that is within you?

How Can I help You?