People People Everywhere

As I sit on the cold hard floor feeling my legs go to sleep with another delay at an airport, I get the chance to observer people again. A thunderstorm came through Atlanta which delayed my flight home.

 Since I was delayed, I got something to eat and due to the thunderstorm, the electronic registers at the restaurants went down and they had to just give me a total on a receipt paper for my expenses.  At least I got a receipt and the service was pretty good considering the crowd increased with the storm.

After I ate I found out my gate had changed two times from when I initially checked in. I finally got a seat near my gate to charge my cell phone and read a bit. I am reading “Set Yourself on Fire”. What a great book that explains how we can give to others to gain in our own lives by working with people and not by ourselves.  

This got me thinking, especially at an airport. As I watched and listened to the people around the airport, so many people are looking out for themselves that they become rude, un-observant to people and not aware that others seem to be around. If we can take the time to remember that people can help each other it makes life in any situation a lot more enjoyable. With delays at an airport we are all in the same boat. Why not enjoy our time together or enjoy other peoples company. Perhaps you can strike up a conversation about an enjoyable topic or fun time you had where you were.  I thanked military personnel for their service, smiled as a baby cued near me laughing at her mother and laughed at some teenagers dancing to their i-pod music.  Why not enjoy the time we have no matter what is occurring?

Living life is the ability to enjoy every moment we have. Not just getting tasks done or phone calls made etc. We don’t know how many moments we have left so why not enjoy every one.  If we smile at others we may brighten someone else’s day and they may return the favor and smile back so that will brighten your day.  Try it you may like it and in the process you may meet some very nice people.

How Can I Help You?


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