Finding ourselves

   This weekend I watched “The Majestic” with Jim Carey. A movie about a screen writer that has a car accident after being accused of being a communist after World War II.  A good movie that brought up some good thoughts about personal direction.

  The character in the movie is trying to remember who he is and the town wanted him to be Luke, a multi-talented town hero coming back from the war.  What I found interesting is that the character had to figure out who he was and found some great aspects about himself and others along the way.

  How many times have we been traveling our road of life and forgot who we truly were?  Or not utilizing the innate talents within each of us for the betterment of others and ourselves.

  Through this movie I saw that when there is a bigger cause or purpose  for a person rather than ones own agenda, many people, towns or societies can benefit. The character Jim Carey played realized that if he read a canned statement for being a communist that this was the a cowards way out of a bad situation. He realized that people have died for the bigger cause of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights and the least he could do was to stand up for that greater purpose as well.  What is the greater purpose you will stand up for?

  I want to stand up for a greater purpose of a Positive Perspective for our society that allows people to see the benefits of each day we have been given as a gift ont his earth. As a master teacher I enthusiastically augment the knowledge of others, so they better understand the value they already possess. Allowing them to Take Action and achieve goals or change habits that have limited their progress into a positive outcome.

  Being a father and seeing my father this weekend allowed me to see the benefits of having a positive perspective and enjoying spending time with my Dad, age 89, and my three sons.  I wasn’t worried about getting the lawn mowed and the other tasks I need to do. Just spending some time with the people that are important and being thankful for that. 

  I believe having time with loved ones is a Positive Perspective for a great Fathers Day. I hope all the fathers that read this had a great Positive fathers day.

How Can I Help You?



How Are You?

   We may say this or hear this?  What type of reply do you get when you ask this? Sometimes it is a short answer line fine, good, OK.  Other times it may be good quips; like “If I was any better, I would be frogs fur” or some other insightful saying that really sparks some great conversation.  

   During my recent travels I got to say this and hear this saying a lot. The responses where interesting. Ask this question to travelers. Sometimes you get the response you may see on their face like “I’m so tired” or “I just want to get home” or “This delay is killing me”. Can a delay really “kill you”?  

   How about realizing the benefits we get from some delays. We get to slow down for a few minutes, breath and look at the events with a positive perspective. Don’t let anxiety step in and ruin the possibility to enjoy the moment. If someone steps in front of you in line, is three feet really going to get you there any quicker? Ask them “How Are You”? This could start a good conversation.  OR smile, laugh or tell a good joke. When people laugh not only do they relax but they may open up a bit to you to have a good conversation and good time together no matter what the event.

   As John Lennon sang “Image if all the people”… I’ll add my own phrase hear of “enjoyed each moment they had by smiling, saying hello and were more courteous to one another”?   Image how this could change every environment where a lot of people came together. People would care about each other, smile and “BE NICE”.  Try having a Positive Perspective in any situation you may be in.

   As a good friend of mine explained, even at a small child’s funeral, he was asked to say something to those attending. He said we need not cry and be sorrowful for our loss, yet rejoice that the child is with God and be happy for the time we had with the child. For her needs and personality will allow us to see that we can make a difference in our world because we knew the little girl. He expressed the desire for all those attending to make that difference in the name of that little girl…  Will you make a difference in our society?

How Can I Help You?