Describing a Mushroom

My family is on a new adventure as we host a foreign exchange student for three weeks from Russia. 

This seems to be a good experience for our kids as well as myself. You get a chance to get to know someone new and about a different culture. The first night our student was here, we took him to eat at stake restaurant. We take for granted the idea of ordering from a menu, try to do it when you are from Russia and the menu is in English and full of all kids of descriptions etc.  As I was helping our student out I pointed out steaks, burgers, chickens trips etc. He focused in on a mushroom burger and then asked “what is Mushroom”?  How do you explain a mushroom?

I then had the waiter bring some out so he knew what they were and he could order his mushroom burger. He did enjoy his food an realized how much food we get at an American restaurant.

From this it helps me to realize that sometimes we really need to slow down and think about how we explain things to people or identify things. Whether you are from a local town or across the globe, we need to communicate well through facial , vocal and visual displays.  After all, we all like to eat and have fun.

Stay tuned for more on our hosting events.

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