X-Box – An International Langauge

Day two and three of our adventure with our foreign exchange student have been great. He is a very well-mannered boy who will eat just about anything but broccoli.

I find it interesting that even Russia, boys have about as much to say as American boys when you ask open-ended questions like “how was your day”? they respond with single word answers like good or fine.  Not to mention, that if they see an X-box or Wii console they can pick up a control and run the game like an expert. No translation needed. I think this helped to bring him even closer to my sons as he does like to play these games even on a PC and shows my sons some interesting things about the games. Not to mention he is good at put-put golf. Consistently hitting the ball in with two strokes.

We got away from the games on Saturday and spent some time at a picnic and introduced him to American football. In Russia he plays football as well, we just call it soccer.  He showed a lot of good footwork to my sons and can  run and  catch a few good passes for touchdown’s in American football. the real trick of our small game in the Florida heat was catching the Hong Kong boy who could run like a deer on fire. the boy was quick!

I had the chance to talk to some other host parents at the picnic today and the girls seemed to bond on Facebook while the boys bonded on games or technology. The world seems to be getting smaller and people are friendly. Would you have been able to go to a foreign country when you 14 – 16? It takes a lot of courage and trust. I think our world is ready to extend that trust and give comfort to people.

Keep your eyes open for postings about day 4.

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