American Activities

Day 4 with our exchange student went very well. We went out and spent some time in the Florida heat at a lake in Lutz. We had the opportunity to jet ski swim and enjoy the outdoors. Thankfully, the house we were at had some shade trees and the breeze would kick up to keep the heat down a bit.

Our exchange student definitely likes to swim.  He spent a lot of time in the pool with two of my boys as well as some time jet skiing.  He enjoyed the pool water more because it was cooler. He gets along with all the boys he has met. Even a boy from England that was at my friend’s house.

When we came home, he mentioned that he would like to try “this game baseball” so some of us got together to show our exchange students how we play baseball. We showed the exchange students how to hit off a tee, play the field for defensive plays as well as bat.  Our exchange students even tried their hands at pitching which they were pretty good at for their first time playing baseball.

While on first base, I think our exchange student figured out very quickly that you need to keep the baseball glove in place when the ball is thrown to first. A ball that tipped off the glove then off the leg and the stomach was surprising. No injuries which is always good. I found it interesting that they had not seen this game in Russia and that he thought we would need to tag the running every time.  He will be going to a Rays game next week and will be able to see the professional level of play.  That experience will be good for those that have not seen this game.

After a full day of outdoor activities, all the boys fell asleep pretty easily last night.

This experience gives us a opportunity to see how we do things that we may take for granted. It also allows insight as to what our lives are like from a different perspective.

Stayed tuned for Day 5 update as we go bowling.

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