American slow down day

Day 4 with our exchange student was a bit slower.  He went to his class in the morning, then we met him at the American institution of bowling.  I found it interesting that the senior league was just finishing and then 140 foreigners showed up to bowl.

Now for the life of me I don’t understand why they keep bowling alleys so blasted cold.  You could have hung meat in this bowling alley. 

I did notice how all the kids did seem to enjoy their games. the Hong Kong kids really are social at these type of events. They were laughing, cheering each other on and having  a good time. Several other groups were as well. My kids however, if they weren’t doing very well, they wanted to get upset. I had to step in and throw a few balls to help one of my boys out.  No bumpers make a difference.

After bowling we came back home to cook hot dogs, tater tots and brownies. describing these was interesting but the message came across better with the help of the Betty Crocker” box. Chocolate is chocolate all around the world. Our student was not familiar with tater tots, but did really enjoy them.

After our eating endeavors we walked our dogs. Our exchange student enjoyed the challenge of one dog that pulls the whole time he is walked. He was amazed that the dogs knew the route and the way home.  As we talked he said he enjoys speaking English but some of the terms are hard to understand. Have you ever tried to explain what slang is?  Our language is one of the hardest to learn in the world because of our jargon and dialects.

If this is what a foreigner says about our country what are our fellow AMerican’s saying about how we communicate?  I know we can do better. We can look at what we are trying to say from a foreigners perspective to see if it makes sense or can be understood.

Sat tuned for day 5.

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