More American Activities

Day 5 involved more activities. These activities included kayaking, biking and beach time. In Florida there is not much you can do without beach time.

The students went to Ft. Desoto in St. Petersburg, FL. This county park offers biking trails, a historic fort and miles of award-winning beaches to visit.  They seemed to get a full day as many of the students looked pretty tired coming of the bus in the evening.  Our student enjoyed the activities and park.

I made ribs for dinner with macaroni and cheese. I think our student belongs in “the clean plate club”. Nothing much is ever left on his plate. Of course as a 14-year-old boy I wouldn’t expect anything to be left on the plate.  we talked about different things at dinner, one of which was “Larry the Cable Guy”. I tried to explain he is a comedian and note his catch phrase “Gettr Done”  but our student didn’t know “this Getter Done” phrase.  Looks like Larry the cable guy will need to get to Russia.

After dinner, we tried our hand at fishing. I pulled in a minute yellow fin and he laughed at me.  The rest of the evening entailed some video games and laughter.

I must say, I really enjoy this experience and so do my boys. My youngest looks forward to him coming home from school and he makes the effort to sit with him a bit and play a game or converse.  Perhaps we can all learn something from this concept.

Our society goes at such a ridiculous pace we forget to slow down and converse with each other. In our society of texting, instant messaging etc., we forget how to talk to one another. I am guilty as charged. I was checking work e-mail when I am supposed to be on vacation and I was at the beach.  Not good. We need to take our relaxation time  when we can get it.

Stay tuned for Day 6 adventures as my oldest gets back from hitting a solo home run in the Dizzy Dean World Series game.

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