Introduction to Pizza

Day 6 was interesting.  I had to pick up my wife and oldest son at the airport so I had to have a friend of ours pick up our excchange student. He knew the people he was going with so it  wasn’t a problem. After gathering all my children we went out for some American pizza and garlic butter rolls that he thougth were very good.

When the pizza came he was amazed at how half had the pepperoni and the other half did not. We did learn that plain cheese pizza is called margarita in Russia. We explained what that was in American as he enjoyed his pizza. He really felt the heaviness of the pizza after eating about half  of  his second piece.   He enjoyed the taste but he filled up quickly.

After dinner we went through some of the shops at the location called John’s Pass where we ate our dinner. I believe he enjoyed the shops of  beachy nick nacks as he reviewed the alligator heads and shark teeth collections.  It is amazing how these type of shops blend into the woodword when you live in the area. What if we took some time to “see” these places again in our local area.  All we need to do is stop and take a small amount of time, perhaps a couple of hours to go out and enjoy our surroundings.

I believe this experience is helping me and my family to realize to fun and exciting things we have right around us to discover, do and have fun with.

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