Educating our school kids

I was thinking about something my wife mentioned last night and it bothers me. One of our sons had a backpack full of folders and books that weighs probably 20 – 30 pounds.  Why?

Why do our future leaders need to be stuck in an “old school” mentality of carrying  6 books to 6 different classes. Aren’t we in the year 2011?

We have technical devices that we can put 10,000 songs onto items that are smaller than our phones.  We have phones that probably have more applications on them than our PC’s if we have PC’s. Our corporations are integrating IPAD’s, ThinkPad’s and many other small, application heavy products that weigh less than 5 pounds into corporations so people can work anywhere. But our schools are still in the stone ages of handing out books that weigh more than some of the kids and then having lockers in the schools but the kids can’t use them because they don’t want “issues” to start in the halls.  WHAT ARE WE THINKING?

We need to have CORPORATIONS adopt schools to help subsidize current technology that will alleviate these issues. You hear about corporate profits going up and school budgets getting cut. We give corporate officers huge salaries and bonuses for “level” earnings, yet our teacher’s salaries don’t change and the cost of everything goes up by 20 – 30 %.  Corporations want people who understand this new technology yet schools can’t afford to look at the technology or think about implementing it.  THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE!

 Why not get several corporations to adopt schools to implement some new technology like Kindles, so the kids can have 1,000 books on  one device that weights less than 1 pound and fit in their backpack. Or IPAD’s that the students can collaborate with other schools globally on projects, with teachers if they are absent and have all the necessary reference materials on one device. All at the low weight of a few pounds.

  Our corporate society wants educated people but our school systems get thrown to the curb because of budget cuts. If corporations want educated people, let’s put our money where it is needed, into the schools and the education of our future leaders.

  Educating our youth is critical for our future. Education is needed at our elementary levels to set the disciplines and knowledge expectations for college levels. Education – it’s not just a word, it’s a way of life.

Lets help our future society!

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