Live Now

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine that always changes my attitude to a more positive direction. “Stoney” Stone, author of “Live Now“. 

This man has been a true blessing in anyone’s life he touches. And he touches a lot of lives because he does what his book says, he Lives Now.  He will always talk to anyone and find out more things about a stranger  in 5 minutes than most people can find out in an hour.

Why? Because he know that life is not about him.. It is about US, all together and when you get to know people you learn, expand knowledge or perhaps help that person out just by listening. 

How have you been living?  As Stoney said, “We are soo covered in daily crap we don’t see anything else”.  I know my eyes are not brown, so I really need to stop looking or living in daily crap.  Lets realize what is all around us all the time, blue sky, fresh air, we are on the green side of the grass. Some people don’t get that option. So are you “really” having a bad day?  If you think you are, go to the local childrens hospital or orphanage..   If you do, I believe your perspective will change, perhaps you will see and start to have a “Positive Perspective”.

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