I heard a song this morning that reminded me that we are all give courage by God.  You see no matter what we go through and what our situation may be, we have been given the power of the creator.  How cool is that!

The creator of the universe has given us the power within us to do whatever it is we “think” we desire. Many times it is not necessarily the path we “thought” was our destiny, but a path that will make us a better person for our greater good and the greater good of others.

Perhaps that could be being a stronger person for our spouse, our kids, our co-workers.  Whatever the case is we need to remember that we are given a great gift everyday to good for our world. Sometimes that road may be bumpy and sometimes it is smooth.

As a wise person recently told me, “be the best you can be”. With the courage and power of the creator within us we can do anything.

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