I recently read this statement about courage in a book by Douglas Fairbanks and I wanted to share this with you.

Courage—the child of Hope—the despair of Failure. Born of Good Cheer it links its fate with the higher attributes and tramples under foot the fears which spring up before it. When sown early into the hearts of the young its companionship becomes unerring in its efficiency for good throughout their lives.

This quote spoke volumes to me.  How many times in our lives have we discounted courage becuase we weren’t sure of what others would say or what reaction people may have? How many times did we not use our courage due to the fear of turmoil?

Our countries history shows great courage by stepping into situations because it is the right thing to do. I had this opportunity the other day when I saw some kids taking a bike from someone on my sons wrestling team. I could sit there and watch it happen or step up, say something and take care of a sketchy situation.  I took action and the boy was stopped from taking something that was not his.

Life will test our courage all the time. We need to have the knowledge to know when to use our coruage for good and the right things and “trample fear”. Remember we are created from a greater source that is with us all the time and will carry us through tough moments with courage and knowledge.

Lets be courageous today to achieve our goals.

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