Personal Technology

I heard a great sermon this weekend at church.  Our pastor, Dr. Charley Reeb, talked about how technology has taken the personal out of relationships.

As a guy that works in IT and  speaks this hit close to home. How many times have we sent an e-mail to co-workers, friend and texted family when we could have called? Personally I think it is easier to talk than it is to text on those “large” keyboards on phones. Of course the kids can whip out a 12 page text within a minute and look at you and say “What?”

Have you seen kids text each other while sitting next to each other or int he same room? Our pastor related this idea to the idea that preachers would eventually not be needed. Just as speakers seem to be needed less. I have to disagree. As a speaker about personal growth and technology I can look at this perspective from both sides.

A speaker brings energy, enthusiasm and passion to an idea and can relate that to others humans. Can a text or e-mail do that? Yes the technology is convenient but that is where it stops. Many times a text or email that was mis-typed can cause some energy or even anger because of mis-interpretation. then the parties spend an hour trying to correct the mishap with more emails and texts. As a speaker I can gauge the audience’s reaction immediately and apologize or re-direct my message base on body language or reaction. I can show emotion for specific topics that relate to an audience and give an impact to the message. This is called relationship or connection. Emails and texting do not offer this. they are black and white no matter how many smiley faces 🙂 you put in the text.

Let’s take this new year as an opportunity to enjoy “Talking, calling or meeting with others to get a feeling of their passion and what is needed in their life, organization or company. Try calling someone today and talking with them, ask “how are You Doing” and LISTEN.

Be the difference the world wants to get back to and enjoy other people in this world. You are not the only person in this world and neither am I.  If you want to talk, call me, my number is on my web site.

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