Your Greatest Value

I recently read the book “StandOut” by Marcus Buckingham, one of the creators of “Strength Finders“.  I highly recommend this book for anyone trying to find their true value and strengths in their career or life.

This book offers a personal on-line test that you take in 30  minutes. You must answer each question within 20 seconds so you use your subconscious mind.  The test then formulates your responses into 9 categories and gives you your top two Stand Out strengths.

My results were interesting so I wanted to share them with you.

  I am a Teacher/Advisor – My greatest value is my ability to cut through complexities and find the heart of matters.

  1. As a Teacher I am thrilled by the potential I see in people. My power comes from learning how to unleash it.
  2. As an Advisor I am a practical, concrete thinker who is most powerful when reacting and solving other people’s problems.

 Items notes:

  • People’s performance improves when I’m around. This is my greatest gift.
  • Instinctively people know that I care about them, and that my caring is genuine.
  • I don’t give up on people.
  • On want to get on people level. I want to “walk the floor” & see people in their “natural habitat”.  If you have seen me speak, you know I go into the audience and will move around a lot to connect with the audience.
  • I am a learner and dedicated to constant learning.
  • I am a problem solver.
  • When I write, I think about the person reading my message.
  • I am a practical, concrete thinker.
  • When others are stumped, that is when I am at my best.

Check out the book to see what your StandOut strength are.

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