The other day I was in the grocery store and a man cam up to me and asked me for my license. Bewildered, I asked what for, he said “because your cart wheel is very squeaky” and proceeded to laugh and remind me how we need to smile more often.

I did just that as I realized it doesn’t do much good to scowl even when you have to spend money.  This gentleman was from one of the Caribbean islands from his accent and he said how he missed the nature of the people on the islands. That they are usually smiling, joking and having fun and that is what makes them live so long. 

This incident was a pleasant reminder that we all need to laugh and smile more.  There is no jaw tension when you smile, laugh or are having fun. There is now forehead crease when you are laughing. You use less muscles to smile than you do to frown. your stomach feels much better when you laugh..  Should I keep going? 

I hope you get the point. We have the opportunity to be the change we want in this world. By smiling, laughing and having some fun, we can be that change and that fun we want.

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