Readers are Leaders

As my kids complete another school year the flow of “Stuff” from school comes home. In my youngest son’s case, literally in a bucket. The teacher gave them some trinkets in a bucket. One of the items caught my eye. It was a ribbon that says “Readers are Leaders”. 

This idea is great for our future leaders. Reading helps us to learn new information, experience adventures and all kinds of things.  Reading keeps our mind active. Learning new things helps us expand our ideas of possibilities and knowledge.

This summer let”s try to encourage our future leaders to read the things they want. i know some schools have “required” reading for students to begin the next school year and that seems like a drag. But if we get the “required” items out of the way first, we can enjoy the things we want. We can read information on web pages, blogs, games all kinds of sources we can read and enjoy the concept and the new knowledge and future success.

How Can I help your Leaders?