The new posture of People


I was walking through the lobby of my place of work and noticed how everyone was looking down, hunched over at their mobile devices. The brands are irrelevent, what I noticed was the posture.

To me, the new posture of our society shows we are not aware of who is around, our surroundings, or that we could actually SPEAK to one another or interact. Our technology seems to be cosuming us in a way that we seem to turning into an itroverted society. Have you ever had to TEXT your kdis that dinner was ready? 

I’m old school, I will yell upstairs and if that doesn’t work I actually go up to their rooms and “Speak” to them that dinner is ready and they need to come down and eat. 

Perhaps we can turn off the technology for some moments and interact with our fellow beings to see how wonderful we all are. Lets make our world a better place.

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