Try Sounds Like Lie

We often hear people say or say ourselves “I will try..” Whether that is trying a food, to be on time or keep a scheduled commitment.  You see I purposely used the word commitment to emphasize something. Try has become a “backdoor” way out of just about anything. We often tell people we will “try” because it seems to give us an escape clause from what we say we will do. Why don’t we stick to our commitments and be accountable for what we say we will do or not do?  Lets say “I will” and take action and be accountable for what we can and will do.

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Turn off the Technology

Our society is so technology savvy that we can’t seem to put it down. This is quite evident in just about any scenario you see people in today. Drop your kids off at school and parents are texting, reading texts or em-mails via their “smart devices”. Go to a restaurant and people are reading updates, e-mails etc. from these devices. People are not paying attention to their driving because they are on their phone, texting and not paying attention to the traffic.

Being a member of the IT industry, I understand the use of technology and the “benefits” these devices provide. However, I am also seeing many negatives to these leashes. People aren’t paying attention to their driving, their company at a table, their company of their children riding with them in the car.  Is this really something we want to keep doing? Is these “smart” devices really helping our society?

We seem to be overlooking the REAL benefit of time with other people, our mates, friends and especially our children. We need to pay more attention to the people in our lives rather than the technology. Our children are important, our time with our children is very important. We need to turn off the technology and realize the beauty all around us in the people, our surroundings and our world. turn off the technology and be a real person to those in your life. Try it, you may like it. have a conversation with your kids as you drive and your paying attention to the road and the interaction with your kids.

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Losing is Easy

I heard this phrase from a co-worker of mine when several people were discussing the weekend football results. The Monday armchair quarterback syndrome of analysis and woulda coulda shoulda ideas of coaching college and NFL teams.

What struck me about this phrase was how true it is. The question I thought about was, how often do we let ourselves lose because it is easy. Jim Rohn spoke about this idea many times. It may be easier to get a snickers bar when you have that afternoon lul because you don’t have to walk too far. when you could by-pass the candy and take a short walk around the office or go outside for a few minutes and walk around the parking lot to get fresh air to revive yourself. It might be easier to hit the snooze button rather than get up when the alarm goes off because your tired or it is cold or it is early. It may be easier, but when you wake back up after 30 minutes and realize how late you are, your day starts out way too crazy.

These small items are forms of discipline. Discipline will not let us lose in our life. We can have discipline to study, work harder get physically fit, spend quality time with family. These type of activities will let us win and not lose in out lives. Yet these small acts of discipline may be hard at first, but will get easier, allowing us to succeed.

Lets not make Losing Easy. Lets make Succeeding Easy.

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