I have heard heard the word JUST a lot lately. “If I could just get …”, If they would just…” If he would just..”, If she would just…” You fill in any other details you like.  Why are we saying this?

Are we limiting what we are capable of surpassing? “If I can just be on time..” this statement gives us an out to be on time. An out to have the discipline to leave a bit earlier or get up earlier to be on time. “If I could just make some more money.” Seems to be an “excuse” for people not to try and increase their money making potential whether that is getting off the couch, reading and learning more or taking steps to get a job done.

“Just be Happy”.. Why settle for happy when we can have ecstatic and exuberance knowing that we have received another breath and another opportunity to live life. We can be happy if we choose no matter what happens.

Let’s not “JUST” do anything, Let’s DO anything and everything we can to have a great fulfilling life.

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