I Don’t Care

In the wake of the recent event in Connecticut, I have had many feelings. As a parent, I am sorrowful for the loss of the children and my prayers go to those families for their loss. This time of the year is no time to lose anyone, especially children. As a citizen, I am sorrowful that this type of event occurred and my prayers go to the that community and our nation.

To clarify why I don’t care; this horrible event has brought out something that really matters, Love and concern. Yes we have to look for “the light” in any situation. What I have seen, is that there are several things that don’t matter and I don’t care about.

    • I don’t care about the letter behind or before your name
    • I don’t care about the emblem on your care
    • I don’t care about the label on your cloths
    • I don’t care about how much or how little you make

Some positive items that have come about from this situation is:

    • people just caring
    • people just helping
    • people just praying
    • people double checking areas are safe
    • people are caring for one another as people

When did we stop caring for each other as people, as human to human with love and concerns about just being people so we can live in harmony?  We need to return our focus to what is important, people loving each other so we can live in a great world.  We need to stop focusing on these insignificant issues that don’t help each other as people. We need to stop listening to W.I.I.F.M. – What’s In It For Me.

From this tragedy, we are seeing a shift in people thoguhts to be concerned for each other as human beings and helping people by listening, sharing a smile or giving someone a hug. These small acts are Action items and make a big impact.  Lets Love each other for being people. People with hopes, dreams, aspirations and love. We can grow as humans when we help one another in small ways and big ways.

How can I Help You?



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