Distinctive Value

I have been reading a great new book by Mark Sanborn, “Up, Down, or Sideways: How to Succeed When Times are Good, Bad or In Between“. Mark is also the autho of “The Fred Factor“.

In Chapter 8 he talks about making your value disitinct, whether it is for your organization or yourself, this is important. Sanbon offers a formula for Value:

V = E + E + SE

Value = Expectations + Education + Something Extra

The key is the Something Extra. What can we offer that is distinctly “Something Extra? Is it our personality and the humor we give in any situation? Is it our smile we can offer all the time no matter what is going on? What are our organizations doing that will give that “Something Extra” to bring in more/new customers? Our “Something Extra” can be encouragement for customers and teammates.

Sometimes our “Something Extra” may be humility and the ability to say “Thank You” to others or saying “I’m Sorry, or “I was wrong”.  I recntly did this by giving a hand written Thank You card to a co-working because he listened to a non-work related concern. Our “Something Extra” doesn’t have to cost a lot or anything but the benefits of “Something Extra” can make a difference for a lifetime.

I want to encourage you to offer your distinctive value to others today. If you don’t think you have a distinct value, look some more becasue we are all made from God and God don’t make no junk.

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