Like a Dog

You may have heard or used the term “Like a Dog” when referring to someone to be derogatory. However, I was reminded last night of a better meaning.

I walk my dogs every night around 8 – 8:30 if I’m not a one of my childrens events. If i start to get “sidetracked” around the house and I am not aware of the time, my two lab mixes remind me what time it is. They will follow me around, look at me with those “puppy eyes”, bump my leg and hover around the cabinet where there leashes are to make sure I know what time it is.

Sometimes I am not at home and we cannot go for a walk. Yet the dogs do not yell, wine or complanin to me. When I get home th dogs are always happy to see me as their tails start to wag and they may get up so I can pet them. 

I am reminded that dogs are very forgiving creatures that offer a lot of love to people that treat them well. They don’t hold grudges, powt or hold on to ill feelings for the most part. So why can’t we be more “Like a Dog” and let go of grudges, be happy to see people and enjoy just getting out, no matter if it is to walk aroudn the block go for a car ride or just be with someone?   Try to be “Like a Dog” and  stick your head out the window and feel the air, enjoy your life. Try giving a lot of love and see what type of response you get from others and see how you will grow.

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