Courage to Stop Traffic

After reading a very interesting article about Courage

I witnessed an interesting situation on my way home.  In rush hour traffic at a busy intersection an older lady could not get her car to start. The guys behind her in a pick-up truck got out and pushed her car through the intersection by hand to help her get it started again and help her to alleviate her confusion, worry and frustration. Of course the people behind the pick-up truck were not happy and honked horns etc.

I had a different perspective. I saw two guys that offered to help someone in need and put their needs aside to help someone else. That takes a great deal of courage, not to mention the dealing with the frustrated, uneducated people honking their horns.

I believe our world needs more courage of good faith and help to our fellow humans. It will make our society and world a much better place. I found myself asking if I would have done what these two guys did. Would you have the courage to stop traffic?  Perhaps we need to take the time more often, not just on the road but in our daily lives at work, at home etc.

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