Never Beyond Repair

I heard a great song the other day twice, once on the way into work and once on the way home and I really “heard the message. Especially after hearing similar messages in church the last two weeks.

I  often listen to Spirit FM 90.5 in Tampa, a Christian radio station and the music and stories really give a great message of encouragement and hope to daily issues. This particular song talks about how we are “Never Beyond Repair” for Gods grace and that “Grace can find/meet you anywhere”.

What an awesome light of encouragement, that we are never beyond God’s reach and his “repair” to steer us back on a rightous path. For me that is very comforting to know that there is hope everyday with God.  Knowing that no matter what happens we have a guiding hand that will continue to help us towards a proper path and good life. What do you think?

I love opportunity and this is an opportunity to listen more to the subtle hints God gives us all the time. After all God whispers to us, but he should use a 2X4.

How Can I Help You?



Being Vulnerable

Vulnerable – open to moral attack, criticism, temptation, etc.

This evening I got vulnerable with my family. We needed to correct the path we were going down and it is my responsibility to make sure our family ship travels to the proper ports. So I sat down with the family and immediately took off all my cloths down to my boxers. This got their attention and I was vulnerable to their criticism, after their laughter.

I don’t recommend this for general audiences. However, for my family, three boys, it worked. I went over some items that were outside my comfort zone and encouraged them to talk to us, ask questions and I told them I would communicate better to them as well. I am correcting my mistakes of lack of clear communication and I need their help.

I have a 15 year old that as you can imagine already “knows everything”. However, I opened myself to his criticism and viewpoints and I tried to explain my view as an adult that already survived his age.

I purposely set myself up to be vulnerable so my kids could realize that we all make mistakes but we all need to work together to correct those mistakes and perform better as a family. After all, God continues to forgive us when we fail or fall down in our faith. I ask for your prayers a guidance for this effort as well.

How Can I Help You?