Never Beyond Repair

I heard a great song the other day twice, once on the way into work and once on the way home and I really “heard the message. Especially after hearing similar messages in church the last two weeks.

I  often listen to Spirit FM 90.5 in Tampa, a Christian radio station and the music and stories really give a great message of encouragement and hope to daily issues. This particular song talks about how we are “Never Beyond Repair” for Gods grace and that “Grace can find/meet you anywhere”.

What an awesome light of encouragement, that we are never beyond God’s reach and his “repair” to steer us back on a rightous path. For me that is very comforting to know that there is hope everyday with God.  Knowing that no matter what happens we have a guiding hand that will continue to help us towards a proper path and good life. What do you think?

I love opportunity and this is an opportunity to listen more to the subtle hints God gives us all the time. After all God whispers to us, but he should use a 2X4.

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