Making Decisions

I have been reading the book Rhythm of Life by Mathew Kelly and there is a section that talks about making decisions. I thought I would pass on the information.

“In an age where everyone is an expert, our base knowledge is becoming narrower and narrower, but so is our base of common sense…Don’t surrender your life to the experts. .. Each of us must learn to make decisions consistent with the guiding principles that emerge from a clear and cohesive understanding of our essential purpose: to become the best-version-of-ourselves… As we get older we stop listening to the voice of conscience and begin to seek out the opinions of many other voices that distract us from the voice within. Before we make a decision, particularly a large one, it is wise for each of us to take time int he classroom of silence to listen to the situations of our lives that could not be gained by a thousand hours of conversation or a thousand pages of books”.

I find it really interesting that here is another reminder for us to slow down and listen to the “voice inside” of us. As Jiminey Cricket said “Let your conscience be your guide”. Our society has forgotten how to do that. We need to silence all the daily noise and take the time to silence the mind and listen to what God tells us through our conscience.  the new testament offers many examples where Jesus would leave a crowd to be alone to listen to what God would need him to do and meditate on Gods word.

I do this every morning for at least 15 minutes. Just sit quietly, listening to what God needs to tell me. Sometimes it means I need to do something, other times I need to be patient. Mostly the second..  Try slowing down to listen to your “conscience” guide.

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