Being Safe

On my way into work the past two days I noticed a Police officer standing on the sidewalk looking at the traffic at a particular intersection. What was interesting was what he was doing. In Florida, we have been hearing the reminder ad about “Click It or Ticket”, a campaign for seat belt safety. This officer was looking for seat belt offenders and actually got one Tuesday morning. No it was not me..

What I find odd is that this campaign and the benefits of wearing seatbelts has been around for years. Yet, we still have those that think wearing a seatbelt is “uncomfortable or annoying”.

I would just remind people that if you feel a seat belt may seem a bit uncomfortable or annoying, try to imagine how comfortable a casket would be? 

We need to pay attention to our habits getting into a car, while in the car, out down the cell phones, and around our cars so we and our families stay safe. Buckle Up.

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