Excuse Me

Have you said this or even heard it recently?  I was in a store and a school recently where I was among many people. I found it “Interesting” that in these type of environments people lose there manners.  I was bumped and stepped on at the school and not one person said excuse me, They just kept walking. I was in a store near my house and someone just walked in front of me in line to look at something and didn’t bother o say excuse me either.


It seems many people listen to the WIIFM radio station, What’s In It For Me. People do not seem to remember that our society is more than them.  I know I have gotten into this tunnel before.  People do not seem to remember the benefits of manners like saying excuse me, Thank You, Please etc. Then we wonder why our society has digressed?  I wonder. Perhaps we need to “Re-teach” the benefits of manners and how they benefit us or better yet, how manners benefit our society.   If you haven’t done so, remind, re-teach or teach your kids, students and co-workers the benefits of manners such as saying excuse me.

Thank You.

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Our World, Our Focus

I received this quote from Brian Jhonson creator of en*theos and I wanted to share it.

It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.
                                                                                                                           Ralph Waldo Emerson
   I find this interesting because our society today gets so “busy with stuff” that we end up “going with the flow” and many times we do not stick with our own values or ideasl of life.  Perhaps we can all look at how we can stick to our values no matter what society “offers”. Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar used to talk about this concept in many of their speeches. We need to be meaniningful specifics rather than wondering generalities.
   I was talking to a friend the other day and we commented on how many people are consumed by their electronic devices, iPads, iPhones, laptops etc. People will be sitting next to each other texting each other or viewing their facebook accounts when they need to pay attention to one another.
   My wife and I got a chance to go to dinner without the kids recently and I noticed a couple that wasn’t talking to each other sitting at the table next to us. They weren’t talking but they were reviewing all kinds of things on their phones.  Does that sound like quality time?  I purposely don’t look at my phone when I get a chance to be with my wife. I have it on buzz and I know if it only buzzes twice, I can deal with it later. Try it, you may like it.
   We need to focus on what is important, the people we have in our lives and the time we have with them. Not the gadgets and interruptions. We cannot get time back or get a re-do of time.  We have to make the best of each 24 hour segment we get the honor to enjoy.
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