“Just” a Teacher

  I was at my son’s school the other day checking in at the front office when a teacher came in venting about something. The teacher made a comment that peaked my interest. She said “I’m just a teacher what can I do?”  This was one of those moments I needed to say something. You see, I believe teachers are people who are helping to form the future leaders of our society. So that is what I told the teacher. She was not “just” teaching she was forming the future of our society, to which she smiled.

How many times do we think we “just” are or we “just” can/cannot do something?  I know  there are times we all go through and limit ourselves with this statement. If I could “just” get …… . I am ” just a …” We need to remember that we are “just” created in the image of our maker and our maker is all-powerful. So, that makes us all-powerful as well. All powerful to succeed in what we do, encourage and guide students, work associates and fellow citizens to be the best people we can be. We can encourage others when we hear them say they are “just” by reminding them of their value. Give a Positive Perspective, believe in that Positive Perspective and Take Action with that Positive Perspective. The action you take believing in who you are and what you can do is what makes the difference.

We can all accomplish great things when we “just” believe in ourselves and know the value we can share with others so we encourage each other to be the best we can be.

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