A Customers Experience

   Recently I posted a summary video about Customer Experience to my website HERE  I wanted to let you know an example of a great Customer Experience I had recently.

   I was on a Southwest flight returning home.  Now as most people may know, Southwest is known for it’s “fun” flights. They offer humorous comments when giving the pre-flight check list and many smiles so the passengers will enjoy their flight. I had the privilege of flying on Veterans day. So the flight attendants also passed out some card that we could right notes on that would be sent to service personnel. What a great idea and an honor to help. 

  As I thought about this later, what Southwest did was add to the value of my Customer Experience. They “C.A.R.E.” – Created A Remarkable Experience. They had people on board that genuinely cared that all the passengers were comfortable, that we enjoyed the flight, and that we had fun. What do you think the value of that experience is?  If I enjoyed the flight, I will want to book with Southwest again, that is repeat business. Because I had a great experience, I won’t hesitate in my decision of what airline to choose. A Brand loyalty factor. Not to mention I am still talking about a great experience a week later. What kind of Customer Experience do you offer your customers? Do you C.A.R.E.?

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A Positive Attitude

   I wanted to let you know the value of a Positive Attitude as I sit in the airport ready to return from a training course I just got to my destination for last night.  Yes, the course was cancelled, but no one notified me and not only were travel arrangements made and confirmed, so was the cost of the class.

   Now when I heard the news, I could have gone balistic and screamed and yelled and called people many different “adjectives”. But I chose a different approach.  You see, this set back was inconvenient but I was fine. I would have been away from home all week but instead I get to go home early, my 11 year old will like that. The class can be re-scheduled and the organization that did not communicate the chagne will “make things right”.

  When I called the company about the training, I could have been ugly, but that wouldn’t help my situation. The people at the location where the training was suppose to be, were very nice and tried to call their contacts to find out if there was another class I could get into. They eve commented to me how calm I was and that I was taking this very well.

   We all have a choice in situations like this to take the high road and get to a good resolution, or take the rough road and screem and yell at people not to get such a good outcome. Which road would you have taken? 

   I can look at this situation in this way, I am still above ground taking in air.  The re-arrangements can be taken care of with a few phone calls and e-mails. The next time you run into a bad situation, stop and think of the best reaction for the best outcome.

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