The Lights are out – Say Thank You

  As Christmas approaches we see a lot of lights starting to light up the neighborhood. I like seeing all these lights. The lights brighten up the normally dark streets.

  Historically, Jesus’s birth gave light to our dark world. So why not say Thank You to your neighbors for putting up their lights? All you need is a small piece of paper and write  a brief note like this:

     “Dear Neighbor,

         Thank you for brightening up our neighborhood with your lights. Please feel free to stop by my house at 123 American Dr. during this holiday season.

  Or you can invite them to your religious holiday service in your area.  Many people are open to attending a holiday service this time of year. IF you see the people outside, say hello, take a moment to talk and get to know your neighbors.

  This time of year we can offer each other a smile, a good word, a Thank You or even some light in their life. Why not share so our world becomes brighter.

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