Greatness within us all

I had a thought from a sermon I heard today and I needed to share this with you.

With 2014 here, we need to realize that we are all created for Greatness. We are all on this earth for a purpose that was defined for us long before we were even thought about. The question is will this year be the year we hear this idea? Will this year be the year we ACT upon this idea? Will this year be the year we listen this idea and change what we do, what we go after and what we say?

Since we are created for a great purpose, we need to stop living in the rear-view mirror. We need to stop beating ourselves up about our past mistakes and errors. We need to stop living our past glories. The items in the rear-view mirror are in the past and we cannot change what happened, what we did or what we said. We can however grasp the blank canvas of a new day and step into the NOW of a new day. We can step into our greatness one minute, one hour, one day at a time. By then end of the year, we will have 365 awesome days of greatness.

Let’s take the opportunity in front of us of each day in this new year to live the greatness that has been defined within us, for us and make a difference in our world for greatness.

  Here is to your GREATNESS.

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