Inspire Audacity

  I heard this idea from an audio I was listening to from Steve Farber the other day and really enjoyed the idea. He talked about “inspiring audacity”.

  The idea of audacity comes with a derogatory meaning with words like, boldness, arrogant disregard for personal safety, daring.

  However, as described in the audio I was listening to, what if we looked at this idea differently? We can look at the idea of Inspiring Audacity with a Positive Perspective and we started to be bold in making a difference in our world. What if we were bold as started to help more people who needed help. What if we were bold and disregarded our personal safety and took some hamburgers to the homeless shelter. Which is very rewarding by the way.  What if we inspired audacity in our work environments to talk to co-workers decently and encourage them to improve work habits or not complain about situations but help to improve situations. It may not take huge steps but taking the step is critical.

  Audacity can have a good meaning if we want to change our world for the better. Change can be hard and looked at as being audacious. Image if Thomas Edison would not have been so “audacious”.

How Can I help You Inspire Audacity?



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